What is Cyans?

Cyans is an a-synchronous communication tool for teams. It is designed to maximize productivity, focus, creation of knowledge and efficient collaboration.


✓ Topic oriented communication

In most chat applications, communication happens in endless streams of messages, either as 1-to-1 messages, or in shared groups or channels. It is easy to loose track of important information, decisions and knowledge this way.

Instead, in Cyans communication happens in topics. This keeps all conversations on-topic and coherent.

In traditional chat you often start a 1-on-1 with one person, only to find out you want to loop in another, forcing you to restart the conversation with them all over. In Cyans you simply loop in team members with full context of the conversation up to this point.

✓ Distraction-free communication - deep focus

Most group chat applications have very poor notification management.
When you want to share a thought with a team member 1-on-1, you'll inevitably distract them from what they were doing. It is hard to stay focussed in a chat heavy organization.

However, most thoughts don't require immediate attention. In fact, most often they would benefit from a well thought out and well formulated response.

Cyans encourages distraction free and well thought out conversations.
When you start or update a conversation, your team members will not be notified immediately. Instead, they will be placed in their inbox. You can catch up with new conversations at your own time.. ideally in pre-scheduled blocks or downtime.

All to encourage asynchronous communication.

✓ Creation of Knowledge

Lots of important and useful information is shared over chat. But this information is rarely externalized into a useful searchable knowledge base.

Cyans topics are designed to become containers of knowledge.

✓ Well thought out communication

Who. Has. Not... Been...... Waiting. For.... Their. Team member.... To. Finish... A.. Thought.... On...... Chat?

Painful, right?

Cyans avoids this by encouraging coherent messages: