Slash Commands

You can perform special actions by entering "slash commands".

A Slash Command is a regular message that starts with a slash (/), followed by one of the supported commands:

/close <conclusion>

Closes the topic. Read more.

/add <user1> <user2> <user3>

Adds the listed users to the current topic.

/remove <username>

Removes the listed users from the current topic.

NOTE: You can also use this command to remove yourself from a topic that you no longer need to participate in.

/ping <message>

Test command, responds with "Pong: your message"


Mark topic as "unread", placing it back into your Inbox, after marking it as read, or after adding a comment.


Mark topic as "read", removing it from your Inbox, placing it into your "Open topics" list.

/snooze <delta>

Snooze a topic. Snoozed topics will automatically re-opened on the requested date/time.



Immediately unsnooze a topic

/off-topic <message>

Add a message that is off-topic, i.e. to specify something about the communication, usage, a specific case, etc

/subject <subject>

Updates the subject of the topic

/whisper <message>

Add a message to the topic without placing the topic into everybody's inbox. Use this when you want to add notes, messages, etc, without requesting other's attention to the topic

/wikify <message-id> <heading> <wiki-path>

This command has not yet been implemented. Instead you should add a card to the engineering-docs project in Team. Include your proposed wiki content in the body of the Card and set its status to "backlog".


Activate live topic mode


Add a link in this topic to an external entity


Remove a link in this topic to an external entity

/prio [p1,p2,p3,p4,p5]

Assign a priority to a topic. Default priority is 3 (mid).

Priorities are intentionally course grained and not intended for full chronological sorting of work (use project planning tools this use-case instead).

Use this functionality to communicate priority to other participants in the topic between urgent (p1) and background (p5) topics (no rush).

You can use the following priority aliases:


Delete a message. See Deleting messages for more information.